When the life of candy crash saga is lost, it is the waiting for 30 minute.

Candy crash saga is fairly interesting and he has got hooked it.
Becoming little by little difficult, whenever he follows a stage attaches fire to Nantes or the heart that it will clear.
Since comparison of a score with the friend of facebook comes out for every stage of the, motivation goes up.
If a score is shared by facebook when its direction of a score is high, since it will get across to the friend who is doing candy crash saga and the upper score will be regained further, it will do endlessly in an it top.
work — よw
The following game is not made until it will pass for 30 minutes, if the life (heart mark) which exists five pieces at first is lost.


That of money payment is just for a moment for being able to buy one life, if 85 yen is paid, but enjoying oneself in the free game.
Or I can ask you to get the friend of facebook to divide a life.
I was provoking, that I ask of people waited for 30 minutes, and it tried me.
Moreover, it becomes game over immediately, and also is the waiting (smile) for 30 minute.
Since erase not only a score but jewelry, a cherry and a chestnut are dropped or there are the various clear methods, can it do without getting bored?