candy crash — the game of Facebook called a saga — an application

It is an application of the puzzle game this “Candy Crush Saga~candy crash” that there was an invitation of a game from the friend of Facebook recently. 


The application was downloaded and it did instantly.
Of course, it is no charge.
Although it is the simple game of disappearing if three or more candies of the same color are arranged, the number of times of moving a candy was decided and it is the game which can take a score in the number of times.
Although it is English, if explanation has the English capability like a junior high school student, since he can understand it, it seems to be altogether OK!
since it must never compete for speed, an uncle also needs to begin to beat a high score somehow — a thing that it meets — expected size!
If a special candy appears with feeling which reads the point and breaks down the puzzle, it is interesting that it can fight [ that a high score is expectable ] with the friend of Facebook for a score so that there may be nothing!
If that person is these mark, fire is attached to combative spirit as ! which does not lose and shine.