Striped how to use a candy specially

How of the striped pattern which will come out if four candies are erased by candy crash saga to use a candy specially is known!

If it erases using this special candy, one row will all disappear.
or [ disappearing in this lengthwise direction ] — it was fundamentally different although he thought whether it would be changeful depending on whether it disappears it to be a transverse direction and how to move.
It was horizontal elimination, if direction of the striped pattern of the candy which became this special item was length and it was vertical line elimination and width!
Although the candy of this striped pattern is done at the moment of putting in the 4th candy and being crowded, it will become a vertical pattern, if it puts in from width and will put in from horizontal-pattern length.
Since it becomes impossible to clear absolutely if the candy of this striped pattern is not effectively used as a level goes up, of course, it is important to grasp usage firmly.
It is troubled by such places as an English tutorial (smile).