How to use a chocolate candy item ? candy crash

The item of candy crash saga has a chocolate candy like a mirror ball.
Although it was an item which comes out when this erases five candies, how to use at first was not found.

Reading comprehension capability understands an English tutorial by leaving a matter to chance which does not become precocious in low potato and which is actually played why, and is performing it.
When this chocolate candy was moved, many candies disappeared at a stretch, but how to use only after uses repeatedly was found!
When moving a chocolate candy to the right and the candy on the right is an orange, all the candies of the orange on a screen disappear.
since it was to it when saying that it was natural, but I was glad to understand anyway — just
The candy which exists in large numbers intentionally after this is known can be erased now, and a high score can be issued now!
Since it falls and there are many of these items also to candy crash saga and others of げ -, immediately after understanding again, it reports in order!